Matej Frank and Jasmin Schaitl // Archiving the Present

139_FEB_2020_Jasmine Shaitl & Matej FrankMatěj and Jasmin are both visual artists coming from different starting points, but both creating work with a strong performative character. In 2017 they started several durational collaborative works, based on the topics of time and archive.
�Matěj Frank (CZ) is a visual artist based in Wroclaw, PL. In his interdisciplinary work, Frank explores the space through sculptures, spatial projects and sound installations and depicts time through processual drawings and durational performances. An important aspect of his work is the capturing of gradual transformations while keeping the simplicity of the form and/or process. Frank currently teaches at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, PL, where he also realizes his PhD project.

Jasmin (AT) currently lives inVienna, AT and Wroclaw, PL. Performance, sculpture, video and photography are media through which Schaitl is looking at the juxtaposition of presence vs. absence and questions what is, and what remains present or absent. Since 2017 she is researching on the intersection of materiality, haptics and memory within performative practices. She is a researcher at the University of applied Arts Vienna (project DEMEDARTS. Dementia.Empathy.Education.Arts), and a PhD candidate at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, PL.

With the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum London and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Archiving the Present:

An exhibition about the ephemerality of every moment – and the time spent observing it.

For this exhibition the two artists Matěj Frank and Jasmin Schaitl are presenting a video and a drawing project realized on-site for 139artspace window gallery. In both works the artists observe time and duration and attempt to capture this observation through a chosen material and method, creating a circulating dialogue between their works.

When does the present start or end? Is it only about the point of view to realize and see what is present and what is past? What methods can we develop to immediately create a sort archive of one moment? How does an archive direct us into the present moment? What does a past moment that is observed in the present time evoke in us?


Ahead of the private view Jasmin will held a workshop in Deptford Villages taproom.

The workshop is open to everybody from 12pm till 2pm @ Villages Brewery Deptford

No need to register just come down before 12.


Present Moment(s)


Enzo Marra // Deluge

139_JAN2020_ENZO_MARRA web


Enzo Marra is principally a painter of artworks that relate to the artworld. How it can be seen from the insiders and the outsiders point of view, the processes and activities that occur behind the privacy of studio doors, the hanging and display of works animated by the commodified space of the gallery, the milling of observers in gallery spaces, the way that their presence then gives life and purpose to the works on display.

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Johan Bonnefoy // The Kindness of Neighbours

parking 1

Johan Bonnefay inspired by the subject of the festival Deptford X Fringe “Stop making sense”, artist-painter Johan Bonnefoy has created a new series, which is both de-contextualised (created from pictures, Google Maps and photographs) and site specific (in that the location of the display corresponds to the subject of the paintings).

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Marketa Senkyrik // I Like to CU DanceInk


Marketa’s practise is closely linked to her personal life. There are no boundaries between the artist and the viewer. Through drawing, painting and bookmaking she is sharing her internal experiences in work that has the intimacy of a personal diary.
Currently she is exploring the subject of motherhood, mother-artist and female energy. The body’s transformation, experienced as transition – from girl to woman, daughter to mother – is a central them in the work.

Marketa Šenkyřík Czech born and a world citizen, living and working in London since 2013. Marketa studied book-design in Ostrava in Czech Republic and fine arts in Clermont-Ferrand in France. She is currently working as a bookbinder, co-runs an independent non-profit gallery 139artspace and is developing her own and collaborative artistic projects.

Instagram: @marketa_senkyrik

Catherine Long // Rotator Cuff


Catherine Long is a visual artist with a background in contemporary dance. She holds a PhD on feminist video art awarded by Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London. Her work uses video, dance, mark-making, clay and textiles to explore the materiality of the body from a feminist perspective. This interest in corporeality extends to the qualities of materials and how movement and gesture interact with them. She is the co-founder of Practice in Dialogue and has curated and exhibited in In Whose Eyes? at Beaconsfield (2018), We all have a problem with representation at The Showroom (2016) and Feminist Practices in Dialogue at the ICA (2015). Catherine lives and works in London.

Instagram: @catherine_long_

Rotator Cuff is a meditation on muscular systems that is grounded in activity: the coppicing of wood, the handwashing, carding and spinning of sheep fleece into woollen yarn, the weaving around and through stabilising structures and the hand moulding of clay feet. Rotator Cuff reflects on the planes and relationships of muscles and their composition of fibres, tissue, veins and nerves, their relationship to tendons and ligaments and the skeletal systems that support their structure. The work will age throughout the course of the exhibition as the wooden skeleton dries out and the clay feet shrink, crack and destabilise leading to the increasing sag of the woven tissues.

Zlatan Hadžifejzović / You are leaving me without tape


You are leaving me without tape

In this installation artist is using an adhesive transparent
packing tape as main material of this fragile yet sturdy
structures. With his peculiar process of making this tubes,
spinning tape using spiral juncture, artist look like he is
mimicking actions of an insect. Length of each tube depends
of artist concentration. Since their delicate physical component,
tubes are mobiles, moving in response to air currents.
“You are leaving me without tape” said one salesperson selling
their last stock of adhesive transparent tape to an artist.


Zlatan Hadžifejzović (1992.)
Is Bosnian and Herzegovinian
artist. Graduated within a MA in Sculpture from the Academy of
Fine Arts Sarajevo. Zlatan works with different range of
mediums including sculpture, collage, installation, performance,
video and sound. He lives and works in London.


Hugo Livet // Geomorphs


The geomorphs are hand-printed sculptures that mimic the 3D printing technique using industrial silicone. The shape is not given in advance but is deeply linked with the process, consisting of a succession of silicone layers, each one drawn on top of the other. Thereby the sculpture has been growing, almost like a plant or a fungus.

The project is turning the transcendental and mechanical process of 3d printing into an immanent and emergent phenomenon that makes the sculptures almost look like natural.


Hugo Livet

Born on 29/02/1988, live and works in Paris.

My proposals are constructed as scientific experiments, with the difference that the result has nothing to prove, but rather seeks to show and explore a new form or possibility of evolution.

My work summons natural and artificial phenomenons, reusing and diverting the principles they implement.

I use forgery to stimulate the viewer’s intuition of reality, disturbing his or her expectations and perceptions.

I try to make “good fake”, meaning a fake that is exposing itself without lies, tricking people but never for too long, just triggering that brief moment when one begin to imagine a different possibility.



shauncaton1Join us to witness a site specific show from one of the World’s foremost performance artists!

The event will be part of the launch evening of visual art festival Deptford X.


“one of the UK’s most captivating performers”
Manick Govinda, artsadmin London

“an amazing performance artist …”
Lois Keidan, Director of the Live Art Development Agency London.

“an iconic performer” Aaron Wright, Director Fierce Festival.

Shaun Caton is one of the UK’s leading, performance artists. In a career spanning 35 years he has performed at many galleries and museums worldwide. In May 2019 he will perform, il giardino grottesco at the Venice Biennale.

At 139artspace Greenwich, he will use the former shop window to create a mysterious performance that unfolds over time, presenting miniature wunderkammers (cabinets of curiosity) and their metamorphic contents to the scrutiny of passersby. He will make tiny drawings of objects inside the cabinets, on found paper and display them within the cabinets and on his person. Using wire and painted, cardboard cut-out totems, people will be encouraged to project light from torches onto him to create amazing shadows. He will use battery powered magnetic tapes played on analogue cassette players fixed to his body to add atmosphere and ambiance to his performance. The concept of a makeshift, mini-museum within the shop window makes for an unusual and developmental performance project by one of the UK’s leading performers.

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Barbora Mrazkova // At Arm’s Length

EXAMPLE.jpgBarbora’s current body of work ‘At Arm’s Length’ is a personal visual story where she explores themes of intimacy and connection, through collaboration and confrontation in front of and behind the camera.

By taking pictures of both strangers and friends Barbora depicts different forms of intimacy built upon different levels of intensity shared with her subjects. Still-life and portraiture are combined to question the authenticity of intimacy.

‘I have worked to explore the relationship between the subject and the photographer while questioning the authenticity of intimacy that occurs within such an encounter. My artistic intention to portray different levels of intimacy within photography: I.e. intimacy shared with close (familiar) and distant (unfamiliar) subjects. My aim is to show that intimacy as a concept can occur in front of the camera instantly, regardless of what the relationship between the photographer and their subject is. The work At Arm’s Length, is thus my interpretation of intimacy based on my mutual experience with friends and acquaintances.’

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