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Your work is an array of craftsmanship and material, ceramic, glass, painting, sculpture..etc 

How important are these materials and skills to your art and why have you chosen them? 

I didn’t choose these materials, they choose me. I am just a skilled person avidly creating meanings. The things I am creating appeared in some forms, some time with new skill I have to learn. Now I am learning to control porcelain, which I find very tricky, I said control, but to understand and have full awareness in the conversation with the material. Many times the material doesn’t work, so I must put the project on the second line till the right material appears. 

You have a very celestial, dimensional, spiritual and philosophical approach to your work, infused with colour and symbolism, it would appear that every piece is a cosmos and a journey in itself. 

How do you embark on these journeys? 

I say “the first person who look at the stars and said to himself I will create an astrology ” @ would I be the person, to look at the stars and said ; hmm-there’s a connection between the stars and people ; and from this time to this time, they are influenced by Mars and Saturn. And you can believe it or not. What is symbol for happiness…. For me is probably the colours. Now time zero, give me quickly a symbol for good, and don’t……. 

Do you leave encoded secrets and symbols in your work that are personal to you? 

Created a symbols which everyone understand the symbol which take you to the present reality of good and happiness. It is a strong believe that my work is the sender and receiver of positive energy, its can take you to the beautiful places and harmony between people. 

What was the most difficult journey you have encountered? 

Decide what I really want to be and believe me it was long way, just to put down the barrier to open myself that this is who I am sending and receiving positive energy through my art and like to think about harmony and peace. 

What was the most enlightening journey you have encountered? 

This story, Reborn has so many chapters to come to this point, when I touch the thought that I dont know what I am doing or why I am do in it. But in reality I know what I am doing I am creating appearances and listening the story. Now I am learning to tell the story and that is continues journey.

Does the cooperation with 139 artspace bring anything new to your art? 

My dream come true, I brushed the idea just a little bit that the Gratitude and Reborn will be seen like that in the window with such a interesting appearance, I love it, I come to set it up, everything fall in to places and that what I love, I am just a skilled man who putting appearances together.

139 artspace was sent to me, because I asked for it, and lovely people in the 139 artspace ask similar things, so those two stars from the universe become one for some time. So there has to be flash of light, energy and if we send positive energy we will receive positive energy. It is continuity of the story I am living in.

 Cheers Stan

(interviewed by Orli Ivanov)



Porcelain angel, pregnant porcelain angel, pregnant porcelain angel with stained glass wings,

An angel come to tell us the good news, that all what is happening now around, is good for our population and all civilisation. It is a big test for who we are and what we really want. What is life about, is it; the hunt after new NOKIA, oh now I was sleeping for 10 years. Life is hunting after new I p. But why not, I jump out of the Shinkansen which is call life! I didn’t have to buy a ticket for the Shinkansen ”I got it for free at the very first station”, “I don’t remember who give it to me”. I should remember the name of the station, it was something like B, was it b b b b, o o o o O, r R r, oh sure it was BORN. (You know just between us, they fucking didn’t tell me that I need a helmet and a baseball pad on a daily basis). IMAGE any kind of image is a distraction! Distraction produced by image can occupy any mind from a single second to the duration of a life time. Life time is an unspecific duration of time, human time. My human time is now 38 years; 7 months;  3 weeks; 1 day; 0 hours and 24 minutes, don’t talk about seconds because that is changing faster than I am capable to write. In a minute or two I am going to experience new experience in my life, I will still write this article!

Thanks to god that I jump out of the Shinkansen I realize that I don’t need a helmet and a baseball pad, that everything is simpler that is looks like.

And that what is about Reborn!

I dedicated my work to several people or writers if you like,

The Power Is Within You   Book by Louise Hay

Think and Grow Rich  Book by Napoleon Hill

The Four Agreements  Book by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Secret  Book by Rhonda Byrne

The Science of Getting Rich  Book by Wallace D. Wattles

Without planning, just by asking a question about life, I started to receive those books in this exact order. I get mental help from Louise Hay, it was so hard to open myself to my parents, and let it go all the bet memories, which was strangling me. Napoleon Hill teaches me how to apply the power inside which I learn from Louise Hay in world of business, I didn’t understand why I am not happy, why is so hard for me to achieve in the business world, I had success but I could feel the straggle. By asking a question why? And Don Miguel Ruiz appeared with his Four Agreements;

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  • Don’t Take Anything Personally.
  • Don’t Make Assumptions.
  • Always Do Your Best.

I didn’t need to meditate on the four agreements for too long, to clarify my little blocks which unconsciously ware in my head. I took the Secret, at first I discover that Rhonda Byre talking about the same thinks I already knew, but by meditation on the secret I open myself little bit more, its took quite some time, even it was there in front of me all the time, if I am not going to do what I really love to do I am not going to be happy.

I didn’t tell you, but I had desirous to meet with the thinks which doing all the stuff, which I was absolutely sure that there is something which give you all you want, by receiving in my life; how, who. I spend too much time on the case, nothing; I was in search again I wanted to find if there is a little more, some more simple explanation. You no going to guest what, Rhonda has the answer again and it was in there all the time. Gratitude if you want know more about gratitude read the book from Wallace D. Wattles.

So here I am and reading The Science of Getting Rich, reading and reading, meditating on it, going to the places meeting with the unseen every day and having long discussions or just imagination of beauty and piece. I learn that the person or things I was chasing it was I; that we are the creators. To get in to situations, with willing, and losing the opportunity, by being ungrateful, ignorant or careless. To wake up in the morning and feel that this is a life you are living and that you are in charge of your life with the first second you open your eye.

I reborn and I’m thankful to my step mums Louise Hay and Rhonda Byrne, and step dads Napoleon Hill, Don Miguel Ruiz and Wallace D. Wattles, who give me hope and believe that life is beautiful and can be even more marvels for everyone. Also I learn that my parents did they best and up to their highest knowledge and I have to say bless them with the knowledge of life I have, and I know nothing jet.

Reborn is about a new dream, to relive the light inside and believe that there is enough light for everyone.

Stanislav Geissler

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