Bruno Silva / From now until then, across the in-between.



And now, another route. This time diving between two points. Again an oblique movement, from up down and down up.

Time to sleep. Nobody work. Immersion!








Out of the Chunnel…

Time to open the eyes, take the bags, grab a coffee and search for good fish and chips.

Page de Route 7, Bruno Silva


From now until then, across the in-between, whiting powder (calcium carbonate), neon, lamp

Poem on the window:

The studio of the sculptor of my time by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen In Geografia, 1967

1. The Great Escape, digital print, glass.

2. Unnamed_0., blue paint, blue marbles, exhibition view from Mercato, Atelier SUMO, Lyon, Franc

3. A Lack of Brightness, spray, blue paper, exhibition view from Spotlightness, Flux Factory, New-York.

4. Unnamed_0., blue paint, blue marbles, exhibition view from Na Corda Bamba, Rua do Sol 172, Porto, Portugal.

5. Unnamed_0.1.2.1_1, HD video, 11’12’’, video :


about the artist

Born in 1986 in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, Bruno Silva currently lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand, France. He is part of an artist collective space called Les Ateliers, where he shares a studio with 14 other artists. Some of his latest art experiences includes a residency in Residency Unlimited in New-York (2014), a residency in Studio36 in Spike Island in Bristol (2015), a solo exhibition in Rua do Sol 172 in Porto (2015) and most recently a collective exhibition in Flux Factory, New-York (2016) and a residency in Triangle Arts Association in New-York (2016).

Bruno works within different mediums including drawing, sculpture, painting, video and installation.

Working on movement, travel and displacements, he seeks to be adrift between mediums proposing different misappropriations to collected forms and ideas by giving them contemplative and allegoric approaches.

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