Piotr Hanzelewicz – Meanwhile-regardless ( Tautology and a Tale )



Piotr Hanzelewicz (Poland, 1978) living in Italy He made several studies and many jobs. Hanzelewicz works on the border that separates transparency from opacity aesthetically as semantically. The raw materials used are idiomatic expressions, habits, conventions. The artistic investigation therefore focused on levels of ambiguity, a hidden meaning, a “double bottom”, a secret passage or a vox media, is a fertile ground to bring ambiguity to its extreme consequences or pointing to a climax or rather a redefinition aware of the significance of the ambiguous object.
If the word is central, it is always a real word, as an agent in shaping the vision of reality or of his perceping.
If reality is “called”, it is formed in a concrete form. Between transparency and opacity moves a disambiguation process that aims to clarify what is complicated, leaving the charm of complexity. While the raw materials lie in the language and its cultural sedimentation, the materials are most often ephemeral and delicate. Tracing papers, transparencies and chalcographic paper to translate opacity, transparency and seriality (where mass production is always strictly made of a recurrence of unique manual). Hanzelewicz works on concepts, relating them to spaces and their history, comparing them to their own experience. As a direct result often produces site-specific works and contest specifc.


2017 – “Con cura” 16 Civico (Pe) curated by Silvia Moretta -“Per aquam ad astra amaryllis”– Curva Pura (Rome) curated by Michela Becchis // 2016 – “Cose pronte da non usare”– with Gianni Colangelo MAD – Asilo Occupato (AQ) curated by Opus // 2015 – “Piccole cose di poco conto (studi)”– Polarville (AQ) // 2014 – “Sotto le stelle” (Ventinovegiorni) – Spazio Menexa – Roma – critic Paolo Aita // “All’ombra del pavone” – Senat’s Library– Roma curated by Michela Becchis // 2013 – “Opus fragile” – Palazzetto dei Nobili/Oratorio di S.Giuseppe dei Minimi – (AQ) curated by Antonella Muzi // “Laborioso laborioso laborioso” – Istituto Polacco di Roma curated by Franco Speroni catalogues critics by Alberto Abruzzese and Michela Becchis // 2012 – “Melancholia” – Hanzelewicz atelier – Tornimparte (AQ) // “L’inquilino lascia il terzo piano” – Calaluna – S.Vito Chietino (CH) curated by Nico Mangifesta // 2011 – “L’inquilino del terzo piano” – Museolaboratorio – Città S. Angelo (PE) curated by Enzo de Leonibus critic by Teresa Macrì and Marco Patricelli


– 2017 – “Face to face” – Montefiascone’s prison (VT) curated by Giorgio de Finis // “Happening! 2” – Antiquarium Metaponto, Marina di Ginosa (TA) // “Confusioni” – Auditorium Diocleziano – Lanciano (CH) // “TRENTA3” – Galleria Rosso27 (Roma) critic by E. Marcenaro // “Piccole cose di poco conto” – Fondamenta -INSIDEART (Roma) curated by 11HellHeaven // 2016 “Eroina all’Asilo” – Asilo Occupato (AQ) // “Galleria Corso Ovidio” – curated by MAW – Sulmona (AQ) // “No_Place .03” – Suzzara Prize (MN) // “Mezza Galera” – curated by Giorgio de Finis – Montefiascone (VT) // “Abruzzo Contemporaneo” – curated by B.Birindelli e L. di Rocco – Penne (PE) // “No_Place .02” – Fombio Castle (PC) // “Da D’An” curated by C. Ciampoli e L. Zappacosta (PE) // “Methamorphosis – Beyond the shape” curated by R. di Giannantonio (MAW – Sulmona, AURUM – Pescara) // “Still (life)” – Asilo Occupato (AQ) // 2015 “Siam come le lucciole” – Palazzo Gromo Losa curated by S. Gavioli and Bi-Box Art Gallery – Biella (TO) // “Exagon” – Asilo Occupato (AQ) // “Portafortuna” – Spazio Varco (AQ) // “TrY (Trebisonda route Spazio Y)” – Trebisonda art centre– Perugia // “Bo_Cs Art” curated by A. D’Ambruoso (CS) // XVIII Penne e Nocciano Biennale – curated byi A. Zimarino and M. Lolli – Mamec (PE) // “Naked lights” – Teatro Tordinona – Roma curated by P.L.M. Pacentini and L. Palmieri // “Serci” happening for “Arte in Caserma” – Metro Pietralata – Roma – curated by M. Becchis // “Off Site Art” – Art Bridge – public art project (AQ) // “INCODEC. Ricerche regionali di video arte.” curated by Inangolo, selection M. Sconci – MuSpAC – (AQ) // 2014 – “Portafortuna” – Spazio Y – Quadraro – Roma // “Artsiders” – Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria – (PG) curated by F. De Chirico and M. Mattioli // “Feeling” – Studio Candeloro, Casoli (CH) // “Quasi un euro” – Artefiera (BO) – stand MU6 – curated by G. Galli // 2013 – “Cena d’Artista” – 2011Store (AQ) // 2012 – “Premio Terna 04” (selezione) // “Tempo riflesso” – curated by C. Nannicola (AQ) // 2011 – ”Oltre Roma” – CIAC Colonna Castle -Genazzano (Roma) curated by C. L. Pisano // ”Timely” – Kuhturm, Leipzig (D) – (selection W. Kun) // 2010 – “Premio Terna 03” (selected) // “Premio Razzano” – Museo ARCOS – Benevento // “Annotazioni contemporanee” – Museolaboratorio ex manifattura tabacchi – Città S. Angelo (PE) curated by A. Pugliese // “Officine dell’Umbria” – Lucarini Contemporary – Trevi (PG) curated by M. Predicatori and M. Coccia // 2009 – “Fresh Paint” – Aratro Università degli studi del Molise (CB) curated by L. Canova // “Godart 2009” Museolaboratorio ex manifattura tabacchi – Città S. Angelo (PE) curated by E. de Leonibus // “Usine de Reve” – 26cc Gallery – ROMA curated by S. Vedovotto and C. Casorati // 2008 – “Versus XIV” – Velan Gallery – (TO) curated by F. Referza // “XIII Biennale di Arte Sacra” – Fondazione Stauros – (TE) // “Eat. It” – Castelbasso – (TE) curated by F. Referza // 2007 – “Tanathos” – Primo Piano Home Photo Gallery (NA) // “Under 30” – Galleria BLUorg (BA) // “Cantiere Videoarte” – casa di Giotto, Vicchio (FI) curated by F. Strigoli, turor Tessa M. Den Uyl // “Etnorami” WS with Enzo Umbaca curated by T. Macrì (ABA – AQ) // 2006 – Premio Microgalleria (AccademiaBelle Arti L’Aquila) critic L. Farulli // International Young Artists Triennale – Marmara Universitat – Kadikoy – Istanbul (Turchia) // “Waypoints” – Loreto Aprutino (PE) curated by M. Scuderi // “L’ozio” WS with Gulsun Karamustafa curated by T. Macrì (ABA – AQ) // 2005 – “Premio Nazionale delle Arti” (Rome)


2017 – “1222 – Progetto per un atlante” – Sara Davidovics solo exibition, Galleria Gallerati, Rome “209949 ..”– Riccardo Chiodi solo exibition co-curated with Silvia Moretta, 16 Civico (PE) // 2016 – “Una mostra chiamata desiderio” – Asilo Occupato (AQ)// 2012 – “Introspecto” – M. D’Oltremare solo exibition MusAA, Lanciano (CH) // “Omaggio a Opa.ka 1965/1-∞” Auditorium Diocleziano – in (Con)fusioni, Lanciano (CH) //


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