Barbora Mrazkova // At Arm’s Length

EXAMPLE.jpgBarbora’s current body of work ‘At Arm’s Length’ is a personal visual story where she explores themes of intimacy and connection, through collaboration and confrontation in front of and behind the camera.

By taking pictures of both strangers and friends Barbora depicts different forms of intimacy built upon different levels of intensity shared with her subjects. Still-life and portraiture are combined to question the authenticity of intimacy.

‘I have worked to explore the relationship between the subject and the photographer while questioning the authenticity of intimacy that occurs within such an encounter. My artistic intention to portray different levels of intimacy within photography: I.e. intimacy shared with close (familiar) and distant (unfamiliar) subjects. My aim is to show that intimacy as a concept can occur in front of the camera instantly, regardless of what the relationship between the photographer and their subject is. The work At Arm’s Length, is thus my interpretation of intimacy based on my mutual experience with friends and acquaintances.’

At heart, this series is a photographer’s attempt to get closer to her subjects while remaining at a distance: to analyse the nature of the subjects and how connections may be drawn between them, both visually and emotionally.


Barbora Mrazkova is a freelance photographer and visual artist currently living and working in London. She graduated from MA Photography at London College of communication in November 2017.

Barbora’s work lies between documentary and fine art approaches to photography. By utilising portraiture, she explores the complex relationship between subject and photographer. Her practice attempts to elucidate on the intimacy of human interaction as well as growth that the interaction produces.

In her work Barbora raises questions about the relationships she engages in: between herself and others, and in the natural or constructed environments in which they occur. Through photography of these relationships she explores what an image can say about a person – the story within the portrait.

Barbora photographs people and their surroundings, linking the physical world with the emotional. She records intimate moments and pure feelings, telling human stories through deeply personal images.

Instagram: @barboramrazkova

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