Petr Švolba // The Big Fish // sound improvisation Under the ice by MANA DARK in Trafic gallery

Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure.They’re huge and abstract. And they’re very beautiful.” (David Lynch)


I am fascinated by the contemporary aesthetics of so-called ice fishing, where you can see a man sitting above a hole in the ice having just a piece of plastic wrapped around him. Fishermen also use tiny houses of various shapes and colours attached to their skis or brought directly on the frozen lake. Despite some bizarreness of this activity, in me it evokes a certain need for a meditative state. I’m also attracted by Inuit culture, their attitude to life, their pure and simple sense of being that we try to understand in civilized countries. The desire to get through the ice and find great fish connects all cultures.



In his work he primarily specializes in the identity of the place, the relationship between the town and countryside, nature and civilization and nomadism. Looking for some meditative aspect and duality in human activity. His work naturally balances on the border between the traditional concept of sculpture, installation and architecture. The used form and material often refer to the archetypal tradition of engineering, as well as to the most elementary building types or the issue of interruption of the natural dialogue between architecture and sculpture.

is a musician who compose not only guitar songs, which are based on her lyrics, but she also work with electronic sound.
As part of the opening, she is going to prepare a song called Below The Ice, based on partial improvisation



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