Johan Bonnefoy // The Kindness of Neighbours

parking 1

Johan Bonnefay inspired by the subject of the festival Deptford X Fringe “Stop making sense”, artist-painter Johan Bonnefoy has created a new series, which is both de-contextualised (created from pictures, Google Maps and photographs) and site specific (in that the location of the display corresponds to the subject of the paintings).

The subject of the paintings is Greenwich South Street and its inhabitants, shops, storefronts, gardens and parking spaces; its urban motifs, viewed from a distance, as in a dream and at the same time synthesised.

The series won’t be showcased in a gallery space but outside of the gallery walls, following the willingness of neighbours to agree to show the paintings in their windows, outside walls, and garden entrances.

Visible from the street, this exhibition invites the viewer to wander along Greenwich South Street and enjoy the paintings in the very landscape in which they are exhibited.

The event image is from Johan’s painting of 139artspace.
Gallery by night / Johan Bonnefoy.

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