Matej Frank and Jasmin Schaitl // Archiving the Present

139_FEB_2020_Jasmine Shaitl & Matej FrankMatěj and Jasmin are both visual artists coming from different starting points, but both creating work with a strong performative character. In 2017 they started several durational collaborative works, based on the topics of time and archive.
�Matěj Frank (CZ) is a visual artist based in Wroclaw, PL. In his interdisciplinary work, Frank explores the space through sculptures, spatial projects and sound installations and depicts time through processual drawings and durational performances. An important aspect of his work is the capturing of gradual transformations while keeping the simplicity of the form and/or process. Frank currently teaches at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, PL, where he also realizes his PhD project.

Jasmin (AT) currently lives inVienna, AT and Wroclaw, PL. Performance, sculpture, video and photography are media through which Schaitl is looking at the juxtaposition of presence vs. absence and questions what is, and what remains present or absent. Since 2017 she is researching on the intersection of materiality, haptics and memory within performative practices. She is a researcher at the University of applied Arts Vienna (project DEMEDARTS. Dementia.Empathy.Education.Arts), and a PhD candidate at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, PL.

With the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum London and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Archiving the Present:

An exhibition about the ephemerality of every moment – and the time spent observing it.

For this exhibition the two artists Matěj Frank and Jasmin Schaitl are presenting a video and a drawing project realized on-site for 139artspace window gallery. In both works the artists observe time and duration and attempt to capture this observation through a chosen material and method, creating a circulating dialogue between their works.

When does the present start or end? Is it only about the point of view to realize and see what is present and what is past? What methods can we develop to immediately create a sort archive of one moment? How does an archive direct us into the present moment? What does a past moment that is observed in the present time evoke in us?


Ahead of the private view Jasmin will held a workshop in Deptford Villages taproom.

The workshop is open to everybody from 12pm till 2pm @ Villages Brewery Deptford

No need to register just come down before 12.


Present Moment(s)


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